Obviously that is a broad assumption, not all Americans disdain The Open, however it’s a point deserving of conversation, so this is my thought process…

As I compose this, the 2007 Open is occurring in Carnoustie Scotland.

Tiger Woods is offering to be the main https://www.koobit.com/family-fun-evening-e6717 player in close to 50 years to win the competition multiple times in succession, so he is one American that doesn’t detest it, however we should investigate why a ton do.

The reality it’s being held in Scotland for one!
The sport of golf was designed in Scotland, albeit the US might want to guarantee it as their own.
Their will in general be a disposition that the US is the home of golf, and any golf outside the US is a lesser occasion.


The Open is the most established competition, and the most esteemed.
That is the reason it’s basically called The Open.
The Americans like to call is the British Open, however that is only a development of theirs to attempt to put the US Open on a similar level.S

The Open is constantly hung on a connections green, which essentially implies by the ocean.
This prompts furious breezes, profound messy harsh and erratic greens.

This is a new area for the American golf player, used to playing in mild temperatures on manicured courses.

The Open can be challenged by anybody who qualifies, and that implies the Americans need to contend with players who don’t fit the bill for ‘their US visit’.

So to summarize, we should not fail to remember that numerous Americans love The Open.
They love the sport of golf, and how The Open affects it, yet a lot of Americans could do without it since it is played external the US, holds top influence in an overall game they might want to be in charge of, and is played in conditions they don’t typically get.

Try not to trust me?

Indeed, recall that the Superbowl, which the Americans humbly call the best show on the planet, is essentially a homegrown title, yet the victors are called ‘Title holders’!!

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