Anyone who has every competed in a natural bodybuilding competition understands that early scheduling and planning make for a successful journey to the stage. So when should you start your planning and what should you do first? A great place to start is with a list of shows, selecting one that will take place in about four months. A four month time frame will allow you to feel less rushed and is a great starting place if you are a new competitor. Even if you have done a natural bodybuilding competition before, a preparation checklist will save you time.

Four months out- Committing early to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition mentally prepares you for the months ahead. You will start to focus more on your training and you will think twice before committing diet sins. But, before you register for a show, be sure to read the event guidelines and drug testing policies for that organization. Be sure to get questions answered about any banned substances.

After you select a show, set a budget for it. Consider the obvious and hidden cost. If you plan to hire a trainer or posing coach, start looking for the right person for you. A trainer is extremely beneficial if you are new. Even if you have experienced, working with someone else can help you progress more quickly. That person can help to point out changes or deficiencies you need to work on.

Three months out – Ladies, order your posing suit now or sooner. A finely crafted crystal suit can realistically take two or more months to make and be delivered to you. Listen out for music you would like to use for your routine. Locate someone to help you choreographer your Testolone Review routine. Start considering your theme and order your props or outfit. Start a colon cleanse now to get that stomach super flat come show time. Track your diet and training progress.

Two months out – This is a great time to assess your progress. If you are not seeing constant improvement in your physique based on your current training and diet program, it is time to make some changes. If you have not started already, track your workouts and your diet in a journal. Start taking weekly pictures. Identify areas of your body that need more attention and create a plan to to improve it. Cross train with functional and plyometric exercises. Include yoga or stretching as part of your regular training routine. By now you should have your music selected. Find someone to create a CD of the appropriate length. Practice your routine. Send notice to your friends and family about your natural bodybuilding competition.

One month out – It is time to take care of the details. For the ladies, buy your jewelery and make an appointment for your hair, nails and makeup. Order your tanning products at the start of the month if you are doing self tanning. If you opt for spray tanning at the show, get your name on the appointment list early. Remove all the hair off your skin to see how your body reacts and to determine how long it takes. If you have an adverse skin reaction, try another hair removal method until you find one that works for you.

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