While the destinations for iPod game downloads may fluctuate in highlights, their choice of games will remain to some degree comparable. The following are a couple of surveys of iPod-viable games that you can find and download on the Internet.


Basically the same as an exemplary game Columns, where you need to match tumbling down blocks, Bejeweled is straightforward, without a lot of embellishments, and makes a respectable time-squanderer. In the event that you are a novice in games, you might think that it is very engaging, yet for a complex gamer, who searches for rich illustrations and high speed, such iPod game download would be not a huge deal.

Small Golf

One more straightforward in plan and use iPod game. In the event that you are a golf fan, you could track down it a decent performer. In any case, it is claim free credit absolutely no chance further developed than your typical mobile phone game, and doesn’t actually use the iPod’s abilities. Get it in the event that you have an admittance to mass iPod game downloads at a solitary enrollment cost, since getting it from iTunes at an apparently minimal expense of $5 would mean overpaying in any capacity.


Like Bejeweled, Zuma is a straightforward point-and-coordinate game with little variety and special visualizations. A cerebrum trigger, the variety matching game may be cherished by periodic players, yet a large portion of game devotees will offer it little consideration, presumably, on the grounds that the thought has been now taken advantage of for so often.

Texas Hold them

On the off chance that you love playing games, this iPod game download is an unquestionable necessity for you. Texas Hold them is a sort of poker that you play with virtual rivals. Disregarding minor defects in specialized angles, the game is energizing and thoroughly engrossing.


Tomfoolery and high speed, Vortex is one of the most amazing iPod games. It is a redesigned and marginally changed form of the popular Breakout, where you cast down blocks into a turning chamber. Loaded with rewards and additional choices, the game was intended for iPod’s snap wheel that makes it exceptionally advantageous to play.

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