The process of selling your first home isn’t as easy as putting your house for sale. Like buying a first house, the learning curve isn’t always easy.

We’ll explain the key steps to sell your house to ensure you attract buyers and make the highest amount of money while not losing control.

First step: Determine how you’ll market your product

The way you decide to sell your home will affect every aspect of the procedure including the strategy for selling to the costs of selling the house and the preparations you’ll need to make.

In this digital age sellers don’t have to sell their house through agents for real estate. Instead, you have alternatives. However, it is important to take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages in order to find the most suitable option to your needs.

With an agent for real estate

A real estate agent (or the listing agent) promotes the property and prepares the paperwork and also communicates with the buyer’s representative, the expert in real estate who aids the buyer in closing and finding the house. A lot of sellers prefer working with an agent since they can provide guidance regarding pricing, incentives and the local market expectations. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers Check now

In order to assist you in selling your home an agent for the listing will typically charge you a 5-6% commission (fee differs by area) that is divided with an agent for buyers. Be aware that there are additional costs involved in selling your house that go that go beyond commissions for agents.

For Sale by Owner

When you opt for this type of option (often referred to as “FSBO”), the owner takes care of everything related to the sale. Since you’re selling the property, you don’t have to pay an agent’s commission. In FSBO transactions sellers have an agreed price for sale and may keep that price and it’s up to purchasers to provide their agent with commission. The seller could also negotiate the price with the agent of the buyer.

The process of traditional can be stressful, with a lot of shows repair, offers that don’t work as well as months of unpredictability.

The better shape your house has been in for a while, the better offers you’ll receive and the simpler it is to justify the cost.

Although this may help save money, it takes greater time, effort and energy. The entire paperwork and marketing falls to the seller. You’ll have to take care of things like listing the home on the internet, taking high-quality photographs and writing the listing’s details and scheduling shows. A thorough understanding of the market for real estate in the area is essential to determine the most accurate price for the house.

In the case of many home owners, and especially those who haven’t yet sold their home and are trying to save money on the fee for the buyer’s agent isn’t worth the effort involved in handling the entire sale.

Sell your house to an IBuyer

The traditional method is stressful, with showings, repairs or offers that don’t work along with months of uncertainty. Selling through an iBuyer service like Selling House is a better method of selling your house that focuses on ease of use and security.

When you are Selling your home, you are able to get a fair price for your property and then proceed according to your own timetable, without having to list your home for sale. This allows you to avoid a number of steps in this article. In contrast to a flipper who’s investing in properties that aren’t worth the money to boost their value, Selling House makes a an offer that is competitive for houses in good condition.

To provide our services, we offer a fee comparable to the commission an estate agent receives from traditional sales.

Step 2: Determine your asking price

Pricing your home is the right balance between your own expectations in conjunction with market dynamics. The way you price your house could mean the price difference between an offer and weeks or months of waiting on the market.

Online tools can give an estimation of the value of your home. The standard method for valuing your home is to select manually several comparable homes, (also known as “comps” that have recently sold in the area. It’s difficult to locate a perfect match . Therefore, you or your agent, may require adjustments. As an example that if your house has three bedrooms , but the comp has four bedrooms What would the comparable have sold with three bedrooms? This becomes even more difficult when you consider features such as ceilings with vaulted ceilings and mountain views.

Selling House uses current market information to study hundreds of comparable properties along with the information uploaded by the seller to present an offer that is real in only two days.

When you have a clear concept of the worth of your home take a look at the factors that determine whether time or money are more important. It is possible to price your home more economically if you need to sell your home quickly. On contrary you can decide to wait for weeks or even months of showings to get a better cost.

The better shape your house is in, the higher the number of offers you receive , and the more easy it is to justify your cost.

Check out our comprehensive blog post about how to assess the worth of your home . You will also learn more about the various aspects you need to consider when determining how much your house is worth.

  1. Get your home to be sold

The better condition the home will be in the higher offers you’ll receive and the simpler it is to justify the cost. Here are some actions you can take to make sure your house is in good condition prior to showings:


This is a crucial aspect of preparing your home for sale, as clearing out is the most effective way to make your house appear clean, spacious and fit for new owners. Take a look at your house from a prospective buyer’s point of viewDoes it feel spacious and warm? Remove any clutter from shelves, countertops as well as corners and closets where things have been accumulating. Think about other storage options to keep your home tidy.


Decor, in the context of selling a house, is creating a space that is as neutral as you can -with no gimmicks on the walls or overwhelming colors. neutral colors, for instance give potential buyers the opportunity to create a blank space so that they can visualize themselves within the home.


Create a maintenance plan and ensure that nothing falls out of the window during the long and hectic selling and buying process. So, your home is in good condition until the time it’s sold.

Plan to maintain your system, so that there is no chance of a problem in the hectic home-buying or the selling.

This covers lawn care small repairs, as well as regular maintenance like replacing filters in the HVAC air filter, or flushing the hot water heater.

  1. List and market your house

If you are working with an agent for real estate who represents you, they will put your house in the MLS database and (typically) advertise your property using the following methods:

The option to sell by owner implies that the owner is responsible for each of these. The most crucial thing is getting the house listed on the MLS and feeding other search engines for real estate.

The majority of agents check the MLS to see if new listings are available. A FSBO seller is allowed to be listed on the MLS with a service paying a flat cost.

  1. Display your home

The process of showings is a crucial element of selling. The more visitors who visit the property and see the property, the more likely you will be to get an offer. It is possible that you need to permit buyers to show up even if the time isn’t the best.

Selling your house requires making sure it’s clean and tidy at a moment’s notice, and closing the house so that potential buyers aren’t distracted.

Sixth Step: Read through offers and discuss negotiations

If the buyer is satisfied with the house, he/ is required to make an official, written offer. The offer is sent by the buyer’s representative to the agent of the seller as well as directly to the owner in FSBO transactions. If you have several offers could impact the above considerations.

Things to take into consideration when negotiating a home sale that go over and above the offer price

Pre-approval from the buyer:An offer should come with a pre-approval form and evidence of the funds. These documents can be a solid proof that your buyer is able to get the financing needed to finance their mortgage and can close on the house.

Closing expenses:Buyers may ask for assistance with closing that is a certain dollar amount that is paid at the time of closing to help with closing costs.

Concessions for sellers:Seller concessions are additional financial incentives that sellers provide buyers. Concessions offered by sellers can be accompanied by additional cash to cover inspection costs as well as origination fees, title insurance and homeowner association fees in the initial year.

Cash in comparison to. finance:In a multiple-offer scenario the cash offer is more attractive because the buyer isn’t in need of bank financing. Without the bank closing can be completed within a matter of days.

Buyer’s contingencyThis constitutes a condition that appears in the contract for sale of a home which states that the buyer may only buy the house following they have sold their current home. A lot of sellers will accept offers with purchasing contingencies, however in a multi-offer situation one that doesn’t have contingencies is generally considered to be more competitive , as selling the house is not contingent on the sale of a different.

timeline Certain buyers might require an extended time to close because they’re moving to work or are juggling classes, or maybe their offer is contingent upon closing on their house. If you’ve got other like-minded offers might prefer a buyer that is more suited to your specific timeline.

Step 7: Take the offer and end the deal

After an offer has been accepted, the property is taken off the market, and buyers are allowed to conduct due diligence to examine the property and decide if they want to proceed in the purchase. Following investigation, the purchaser will be able to obtain financing for the house and this is known as the underwriting time. In this period the bank will examine the financials of the buyer as well as the property that is under contract to make sure that the buyers are eligible for mortgage loans.

Title and escrow sign documents

You’re getting close. The only thing left to do is for you to sign your title and escrow papers. Make sure to carry an acceptable photo ID to sign the documents. At the time of closing escrow, documents proving that the seller is now the owner of the house will be registered in the public record. The money will be transferred to you and the transaction will be completed. Congratulations, you made it!

Step 8: Make your move to your new residence

Most homeowners cannot purchase something new until they have sold their home. If you decide to sell directly to a firm that purchases houses with their own money it is not necessary to be concerned about these kinds of issues or other hangups to start looking for your next home. If you’re relying on selling your home in order to finance a new house you’ll know precisely how you’ll need to work with instead of guessing the price your house could sell for.

As long as a property is on the market it is more sceptical prospective buyers turn.

When using an agent or the through a for sale by owner the sellers are faced with lots of unknowns. If this is the case you might want to search for another home prior to the time yours is sold. This could be difficult since you may not be aware of your budget or date for moving out. It’s also a lot effort to find an alternative home and then sell another. Of course, there are people who are able to afford an additional home prior to selling their current property however that’s not always the scenario.


In the final analysis, selling your home is about determining what you want to achieve and what selling strategies will aid in achieving these objectives. One of the most effective ways to make sure your home sells quickly is to get your house ready to make a good first impression.


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