Testosterone boosters are typically herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins that are supposed to help with the body’s testosterone production. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone though it has functions in the female body as well (it is found in much lower concentrations in women). In men the testes, and in women the ovaries, produce testosterone. The adrenal glands also produce it in small proportions. The hormone is important for increased muscle mass, bone mass and density, and body strength. It is also responsible for sperm development and normal sexual activity in males. The hormone is required in adequate levels for overall health and wellbeing.

Doctors may prescribe testosterone boosters to people whose natural testosterone levels are low. A decrease in the hormone can reduce sexual activity and may also place people at risk of osteoporosis. Typically men experience a decline in the hormone levels as they age. The boosters help enhance natural testosterone production thus improving health and libido. Athletes, people in strength sports like wrestling and boxing, and body builders take testosterone boosters to improve their strength, muscle mass, body mass, and endurance. Since testosterone works by protein synthesis, presence of the hormone improves muscle strength and recovery periods, which body builders use to their advantage.

The testosterone boosters, as the name suggests, just boost theTestoprime Testosterone Booster reviews testosterone levels. They are not testosterone replacement. They do not supply the body with external testosterone like steroids (which are harmful and illegal). They just stimulate your testes to improve its testosterone production. The boosters typically contain ZMA, herbs like Tribulus terrestris, long jak, and ginseng. Since it is natural, it is assumed that they do not have harmful side effects. One thing to be noted is that even natural boosters can cause testosterone accumulation which could adversely affect your prostates. Testosterone enhances spread of prostate cancer.

It must also be noted that the evidence on natural testosterone boosters continue to be anecdotal. There have been no long-term scientific controlled studies involving any of the herbs that these boosters use. Short-term studies have been conducted with ZMA and have seen no significant testosterone increase in the subjects. However, since a number of people have found the boosters helpful, there is no need to completely disregard them. Just keep the facts in mind. Also remember that each body reacts differently to the boosters.

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