As a consultant and goalpost manufacturer I constantly get questions about the products I make, why I’ve made them like that, what benefits they have; and why they should consider my products over anyone else’s? The main problem I have with the internet as opposed to a retail shop outlet is that photos displayed on manufacturers’ websites often are ‘head on’ photos. Here lies a trait that hides manufacturing weaknesses.

The main issue to concern yourself with when buying Football Goalposts is the purpose you are putting them to; is it for one weekend or it is for years? I would hope your answer would be years. If that is the case then longevity of the product should be an important aspect to take into consideration. You may ทางเข้าเว็บตรง ufabet มือถือ or may not know that there are now uPVC goal posts as well as aluminium and steel, and their design can make them sufficiently rigid and robust to last years. Should your choice of manufacturer offer a guarantee for one or two years then you will have an extra confidence in their ability and product specifications.

The photo scenario however is where you can come unstuck when buying on the internet. Of course the picture you have in your minds eye may overdub the ‘head on photo’ your see on a manufacturers, or sports retailer’s website. The supports and stanchions cannot be seen properly.

The longevity of a set of football goalposts, will be improved by their ability to stay stood up. Yet strangely enough some manufacturers and importers seem to consider this feature of little importance it the design when selling off their website. The obvious way to over come this failing is to take pictures of the goals from the front. Allowing you to draw conclusions of how they appear at the back yourself.

The reason I am aware of this fact is that many of my customers have sent testimonials pointing out this failing of other products. I am not out to criticise other manufacturers whether they build them in the UK or build them in the far east, but one trait that many resellers have is to present the buying public with a ‘head on’ photo of their goals.

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