genius, that is to say I’m a genius if I’m right and just another jerk-off if I’m wrong. But don’t worry, if you take my advice and it works you can claim it for your own. If it doesn’t, you can say you got it form some idiot on the internet!

Bernard Berrian – WR Chicago Bears

The Bears had an abysmal outing in week one from a fantasy outlook. Adrian Peterson put up practically no yardage without a score and Rex Grossman looked putrid. Not to worry if you have Berrian on your roster. The Bears face Kansas City this week and Herm Edwards ball clubs are notorious for starting the season slow, as witnessed by last weeks game against the Houston Texans where Andre Johnson racked up a little over 140 yds and a TD. Look for Berrian to do the same against a weak Chiefs secondary, and if your worried about Grossman coughing up the ball, relax. The Chiefs have virtually no pass rush and that will give him all the time he needs to get comfortable. If you have Bernard, you should feel comfortable starting him.

Daunte Culpepper – QB Oakland Raiders

It’s early in the year to have QB problems, but if you do Daunte might be the answer for the short term. After losing the staring gig to Josh McCown, Culpepper might get the chance to start after the Raiders learned this week that McCown broke a finger on his throwing hand. This has trap game for the Broncosสมัคร ufabet สมาชิกใหม่ written all over it. Denver had a relatively easy time with Buffalo last week and will come into this week a little more relaxed than the season opener. If Lamont Jordan can live up to his week 1 performance it should give Daunte a quick outlet early in the game. If Culpepper can get comfortable look for him to hit Ronald Curry with the deep ball. Denver’s secondary might be the best in the league, but if Culpepper can move in and out of the pocket it could by time for his receivers to get open. This is a high risk pick, and one that you will have to monitor as a game time decision, but if you have him on your roster he could be a hidden gem.

Deuce McAllister – RB New Orleans Saints

Deuce is really only a risk because of Reggie Bush being in New Orleans, but this week should be McAllister’s show. He’s a Tampa Bay nightmare. He has either rushed for a 100 yds or scored in 6 of 8 meetings with the Bucs in his career. Last year he scored in both games against them. He will lose carries to Bush, probably more and more as the year goes on, but after last weeks thumping at the hands of Indy, I look for Sean Payton to pound Deuce up the middle and try to eat up the clock while Drew Brees gets back in the habit of dinkin’ and dunkin’ down the field. Bush might outscore him in this game, but I look for McAllister to get the bulk of the touches and most of the yardage.

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